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Agritechnica 2019.

Hard work. Smartly done.

The CLAAS motto for this year’s Agritechnica was: “Hard Work. Smartly done.”

“Hard work” refers to the challenges facing our customers. Their task is to keep increasing their harvest within an ever-shorter time window, from a diminishing area of land or in less than ideal conditions. All this, plus the increasing volume of paperwork, is making the farmer’s life harder and more stressful. “Hard work” also stands for our core competence, the production of intelligent and reliable agricultural machinery.

To meet all these challenges, we bring the “smartly done” component into the picture. “Smartly done” refers to how we set about making our customers’ lives easier – with intelligently constructed machines and driver assistance systems, and with other solutions extending beyond the machine as such, for example digitalisation and services.

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  • Interested in CLAAS machines? Take the “Hardware Highlights Tour”.
  • Want to find out more about the digital world of CLAAS? The “Smart Solutions Tour” is the one for you.

1 Combine harvesters
  • LEXION – the new generation: The completely newly designed combine harvester with the innovative APS SYNFLOW threshing unit
  • TUCANO 430 MONTANA – with up to 18% lateral compensation
2 Combine harvester working models
  • DLG silver medal for APS SYNFLOW WALKER – the new threshing unit in the LEXION straw walker models
  • DLG silver medal for CEMOS AUTO CHOPPING – saves fuel and optimises straw chopping results
3 Square balers
  • The QUADRANT with integrated weighing system – high compaction, high throughput and excellent cut quality
4 Round balers + forage harvesting
  • NEW: ROLLANT 520
  • Lower film consumption, higher efficiency: ROLLANT 454 UNIWRAP
  • LINER 3600 four-rotor swathers
  • LINER 370 single-rotor swathers
5 Forage harvesting machinery
  • CORTO 3200 F Profil drum mower
  • Disc mowers:
    • DISCO 3600 C on support trestle
    • DISCO 3150 F
    • DISCO 8500 TREND
    • DISCO 3600 FC MOVE
    • DISCO 9200 CAS
  • VOLTO 1100 tedder
6 Tractors I
  • Low engine speed concept in all AXION 900, ARION 600 and ARION 500
  • New IFAS sprung front axle for ARION 500 and ARION 600
  • AXION 900
  • AXION 800
  • CEMOS for tractors – a new, dialogue-based driver assistance system for optimum adjustment of tractors and their implements
  • CEMOS equipment for AXION 900 / 800 and ARION 600 / 500
7 Tractors II
  • XERION - 4x4 large-scale tractor with up to 530 hp
  • ARION 400 - 500 - 600
  • ARION 530 Kommunal (HRC)
  • ELIOS 200
  • NEXOS 200 VE/VL/F
  • ATOS 300 / 200
8 Digital business
  • Smart Solution Center – hard work – smartly done: From intelligent machines to intelligent farm management
  • DataConnect cloud-to-cloud solution – management of mixed machine fleets
  • CLAAS API – open interface for third-party providers
9 Wheel loaders and telehandlers
  • SCORPION new product features
  • The new wheel loaders: TORION model series with ten models on four platforms
  • TORION SINUS model series – high manoeuvrability with articulated joint and steered rear axle
10 CLAAS Services
  • Service products:
    • MAXI CARE – maintenance contracts and extended warranty
    • CLAAS Remote Service – intelligent machine connectivity
    • CLAAS ORIGINAL post-harvest check
  • CLAAS ORIGINAL spare parts
  • FIRST CLAAS USED – the better pathway to a used machine
11 Forage harvesters and CARGOS
  • NEW: JAGUAR 990-930
  • NEW: JAGUAR 870-840
  • DLG silver medal for CEMOS AUTO PERFORMANCE – controls engine power and ground speed
  • ORBIS 900-450
1 Smart Solution Center – hard work – smartly done: From intelligent machines to intelligent farm management
  • Connectivity solutions from CLAAS
  • CLAAS connect – customer portal: Connecting systems, CLAAS and dealers
  • CLAAS Services
2 Tractors: Fertilisation or seed distribution planning – smartly done
  • CLAAS CROP SENSOR – detection of biomass and crop nitrogen supply
  • 365FarmNet: CLAAS CROP VIEW – view of current biomass in the field, via satellite images
  • S10 terminal with TC BAS, TC SC, TC GEO
3 Tractors: Field work – smartly done
  • 365FarmNet: LACOS track planning
  • S10 steering terminal – precision, efficiency and comfort during long days in the field
  • TELEMATICS + DataConnect – simple, multi-fleet documentation
  • CEMOS – electronic machine optimisation system
  • CEBIS (UT) – ISOBUS attachment control
4 Forage harvesting and balers: Documentation – smartly done
  • 365 FarmNet Active System – automatic recording of time spent, accurate to the minute, and full information on machines and activities
  • TONI – ISOBUS attachment documentation in TELEMATICS
  • EASY on board App – display and control of an ISOBUS attachment via iPad
  • TIM SPEED CONTROL – tractor forward speed controlled by the CARGOS
5 LEXION – harvesting – smartly done
  • QUANTIMETER and yield mapping
  • TELEMATICS + DataConnect + API
  • CLAAS Remote Service – your digital co-driver
  • CEMOS AUTOMATIC – automatic interactive optimisation of the entire threshing system
6 Forage harvesters – harvesting – smartly done
  • NIR-based constituent management
  • TELEMATICS + DataConnect + API
7 CLAAS Service & Parts – personalised CLAAS Online Services
  • CLAAS connect: Shop applications for parts
  • CLAAS Remote Service – your digital co-driver