SCORPION 960-635

Cab + comfort

he spacious operator cab provides an ideal environment for working comfortably, safely and at top productivity, day in, day out. The completely new cab design features a unique 360° all-round view, and clearly arranged controls on the operating console.

SCORPION 960-635

Cab + comfort

he spacious operator cab provides an ideal environment for working comfortably, safely and at top productivity, day in, day out. The completely new cab design features a unique 360° all-round view, and clearly arranged controls on the operating console.

Cab + comfort.

Plenty of space.

For the current SCORPION model range, a completely new cab design concept has been developed, from the access via individually adjustable steps to the operator-friendly interior with fully coordinated ergonomics.

  • Spacious cab with plenty of room to move
  • Tailored to the operator's requirements
  • Maximum comfort for all work operations

Full visibility.

The main objective for the cab design was to give the operator a full 360° view, together with maximum comfort and plenty of storage space. Accordingly, the structural frame elements were kept as small as possible, and the boom was fitted at the lowest possible point in the chassis.

This structural design, plus the big, low-cut windscreen, gives operators unobstructed all-round visibility, with the implements in view at all times, and the ability to see what is happening behind the machine.


Fresh air.

The split-level door in the SCORPION can be folded up and left a crack open with just one action. It can also be closed without you having to get in or out of the cab. The rear window can also be pushed back. These two cab openings provide the fresh air needed, particularly on hot days.

The upper section of the entrance door can be opened and locked in position. This provide a further substantial increase in visibility, particularly in difficult operating conditions. The lock can be quickly released, both from outside or from the driver's seat.

Display and operating instruments.






Intuitive operation.

With the ergonomically designed joystick (A), you’ll always control your machine securely, whatever the job at hand. Joystick operation makes it intuitive and easy to control the machine. Electronic pilot control makes for highly sensitive proportional control of all functions, ensuring that any loading and material handling jobs can be performed with great precision.

The robustly designed control lever (B) sits well in the hand and allows you to control the basic machine functions proportionally:

  • Raise and lower the telescopic arm
  • Control the dumping angle of the implement carrier
  • Retract and extend the telescopic arm
  • Change the direction of travel and put the ground drive into neutral
  • Additional control circuit operation

Clean, informative display.

The 3.5” colour screen of the instrument cluster display serves as a central source of information for operating the machine. It is positioned within easy view of the operator and clearly readable in any lighting conditions.

The operator is able to survey all the main parameters at a glance, and see the current operational status of the machine and its components. Intuitive, easily understandable sub-menus.


7” colour display optional for all VARIPOWER models


Cab equipment.

Seating comfort.

The SCORPION seat has a pneumatic or low-frequency suspension with seat heating, back extension and a wide range of individual adjustment options for maximum comfort. Alternatively, you can have a seat with mechanical suspension fitted in your SCORPION, with a choice of short or long back.

Seeing clearly.

To ensure that your all-round view is not obscured by ice, rain or dust, all models can be fitted with windscreen heaters for the rear window and right-hand side window, and with windscreen washers for the windscreen and roof window. For the SCORPION 960-746, a windscreen washer is also available for the right-hand side window.

Breathing feely.

The high-performance air-conditioning system of the SCORPION provides a comfortable cab atmosphere even in the hottest weather conditions, and is also the best form of protection against dust and aerosols. Temperature, ventilation level and air distribution can all be set individually.


Adjustable steering column. Available for all VARIPOWER models: three-way adjustment for height, angle and tilt.


In addition to the rear-view mirrors, interior mirrors and rear-view mirror for trailer coupling and hitch hook are available as optional equipment.


The roof window is fitted with a roll-up sun screen as standard



SCORPION machines can be fitted with high-resolution cameras upon request. These transmit sharply defined images of the work environment to the colour display in the cab even in twilight. The ultra-robust camera housing easily withstands high-pressure cleaning. An integrated heater prevents the lens from misting up or freezing over.

  • Better side visibility when driving with the boom up
  • Greater safety for people in the working environment
  • Maximum control when reversing

Light in every corner.

Pivoting LED work lights provide generous 360° lighting of the work environment for night work or when operating indoors in dark conditions. The long-life lights combine outstanding luminous intensity with low power consumption. The uniform light distribution and attractive near-daylight colours help to prevent fatigue.

Choice of LED or halogen lights for comprehensive 360° illumination around the machine.

  1. Two halogen or LED work lights on front of cab roof
  2. One halogen or LED sidefinder on left of cab roof
  3. Two halogen or LED work lights on boom
  4. Front road transport light and blinker
  5. Three halogen or LED work lights on mirror bracket
  6. Two halogen or LED lights at rear of cab roof
  7. One halogen or LED work light on rear-view mirror
  8. One halogen or LED work light on the rear right tail light
  9. Reversing light and blinker
  10. Rotating beacon